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Python for Absolute Beginners


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Setup How to run Python?
00:00 1. Help and Documentation Where can you find more help and documentation?
00:05 2. Data Types What kind of data types exist in Python?
What are the key differences between the data types?
00:25 3. Variables and Assignment How can I store data in programs?
00:55 4. Data Types and Type Conversion What kinds of data do variables store?
How can I convert one type to another?
01:30 5. Built-in Functions and Help How can I use built-in functions?
How can I find out what they do?
What kind of errors can occur in programs?
02:10 6. Lists How can I store multiple items?
02:50 7. For Loops How can I make a program repeat a task?
03:30 8. Conditionals How can you use conditional statements to control program flow?
04:15 9. Evaluation Please complete the evaluation!
04:20 Finish

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